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On the Seven Wonders (AHS: Coven)

Spoilers abound. Originally posted on reddit.

The seven wonders are a specific set of gifts one must have to be considered/accepted as the Supreme. They are tested on these gifts to test the validity of their claim.

Pyrokinesis is one we know about, as is transmutation. Both of these were already mentioned as being seven wonders. We can assume that because Fiona testing if Madison could persuade a stranger with her mind to walk into the road, persuasion is one of the seven wonders necessary to be the Supreme.

That’s three that we already know about for sure or beyond a reasonable doubt.

Resurgence is a likely candidate, unless the breath/ kiss of life is a different gift altogether, which it may be. It’s the only gift that at least three characters possess – Zoe, Misty, and Fiona. I say Zoe has the gift because Kyle didn’t rise until after her kiss, and while Misty showed up, she says she was called to Zoe, but she never actually says she is the one who raised Kyle. It is most likely Zoe’s Romeo and Juliet kiss that raised Kyle from the beyond.

We have to consider the fact that Misty brought herself back, and if one of the seven wonders is resurgence, then the previous Supreme should have been able to bring herself back. Unless – and these are highly probable – either that as a Supreme loses her life force OR when a Supreme is murdered the power is beyond saving her, unusable, or transferred with their life force, preventing the Supreme from resurging themselves.

There are several other probabilities for why the power of resurgence could be one of the seven wonders, but the previous Supreme did not use it to bring herself back a la Misty Day. One: as stated before, misty’s resurgence may be different from Zoe and Fiona’s kiss/breath of life. This seems voided by Fiona bringing the baby back to life by simply touching its head. Two: Misty is simply an anomaly, who was able to bring herself back against all odds. Three: Misty wasn’t brought back by her gift – she was brought back by the ‘curse’ she cast over the people who burned her. Four: Misty didn’t fully die when she was burned on the stake, and doesn’t simply have resurgence but a healing power as well. Five: the previous Supreme simply didn’t want to come back. She was old and didn’t have Fiona’s lust for never ending life. Six: and this is a joke, witches have nine lives, and hers were up.

All in all, that leaves us with four likely wonders of the Supreme, two of which we know for sure (pyrokinesis and transmutation) one we pretty much know for sure (persuasion), and one that is an assumption with circumstantial supporting evidence (resurgence/ breath of life.)

That leaves three wonders left. Fiona’s powers also include telekinesis, and so did Madison – it would make a lot of sense for Fiona to fear Madison being Supreme if her ORIGINAL power was ALREADY one of THE SEVEN WONDERS, and then Madison all of a sudden was capable of TWO MORE (Keep in mind that Zoe lit the candles on fire in episode one AND BLEW OUT THE FIREPLACE – but that is a post for another time). Telekinesis, then, is a likely candidate, and is often considered a twin to pyrokinesis – think Carrie, but also just in general. Since the show has already separated them as different powers, though, we can assume that they are both of the seven wonders.

  1. Pyrokinesis
  2. transmutation
  3. persuasion
  4. resurgence/ life breath, and
  5. telekinesis.

And then there were two.

My guess is that neither of the remaining two wonders are clairvoyance, else Fiona would know as much if not MORE than Nan. Interestingly, however, they made an ordeal of saying the Supreme manifests most “if not all” of the possible powers in episode 1. Are Supremes continuing to learn new abilities throughout their lives? Is Fiona repressing her clairvoyance? Or is it simply that some Supremes are more powerful than others? You’d think a woman who could persuade you into doing her bidding would be able to read your thoughts, but alas. I digress. As stated earlier, you must manifest the seven wonders to be considered Supreme. If clairvoyance were one of the seven wonders, there would have to be a mighty good reason that Fiona isn’t clairvoyant or isn’tcurrently being clairvoyant. My guess is that clairvoyance simply isn’t one of the seven wonders.

We can also scratch the gifts of deathgina and human voodoo doll off of the list.

The wiki for coven lists healing as one of Fiona’s abilities, but I’m drawing a blank as to when she healed someone. If she could heal people, she would cure herself, or at least cure Queenie – and most of all, cure Foxxy. So I think that the wiki needs to be edited and that she does not have any healing abilities. To be fair the wiki is shit in general (that’s wikia for you), it doesn’t list at least three of the abilities we’ve seen her possess. So, healing is definitely not one of the Seven Wonders.

In addition, I’m doubting that Fiona’s life-sucking ability from the first episode should be considered one of the seven wonders. As Cordelia said, the Supreme can master most if not all abilities. Life-sucking is probably a gift Fiona came about later in life once she started feeling death. Additionally, it could simply be the breath of life in reverse. Breathe in, breathe out. I don’t think we should consider it one of the wonders.

Fiona talks about the ‘dance’ and how good she used to be at it, referring to mating, or the dating game. It’s possible that some form of supernatural seduction is one of the seven wonders. If this is the case, seduction could explain Kyle and Zoe’s instant romeo-and-juliet attraction, Nan’s frequent luck with the lads, and more. If we assume that seduction is a supernatural gift, then we can further assume that Fiona’s failures at it, coupled with her jealousy of young, gorgeous Madison, is a result of her increasing loss of life force. If this is the case – that Fiona has lost an ability because of her decreasing health – then this further proves a point I made earlier on in defense of resurgence/ breath of life as one of the seven wonders. OH, OH, OOOOH ALSO, It can explain Spaulding’s attraction to Fiona, if she nefariously used a seductive ability on him. ALSO it is often said, especially in the salem era, that witches are sexual beings. yadayada.

Obviously this is all speculation, but I think we might as well add seduction into the running, because I feel like there is enough evidence to support it.

  1. Pyrokinesis
  2. transmutation
  3. persuasion
  4. resurgence/ life breath
  5. telekinesis, and
  6. seduction.

The Seventh Wonder

One thing we haven’t touched on yet is spell work itself. Cordelia has yet to be given a real power – until her little second sight thing last night – yet, she references ‘enchanting the locks’ to Fiona in the first episode. Could simply being a witch and being capable of spell work be considered the seventh wonder? For instance, it looks like Madison and Zoe failed in ‘Boy Parts’ until Zoe’s kiss. It’s entirely possible that commanding spells is a ‘learned’ or ‘taught’ ability/ skill and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Supreme, much like getting an Outstanding on your O.W.L.s.

We also know – or, at least, are led to believe – that Myrtle Snow’s gift is “a Guardian of the truth in the vernacular.” She’s basically a human lie detector. We also know that Fiona sees through Foxxy’s husband’s bullshit. She also knew what was going on after the frat bus incident. Detecting lies could very well be the seventh wonder. Was it just me or did Snow seem to think she deserved a chance at being Supreme herself?

Thirdly, we know that Fiona was capable of escaping the Minotaur, but we specifically were not shown how. We also know that Zoe just last night commanded the undead. It’s possible that controlling the dead is another gift possessed by some witches and, more specifically, the Supreme. I’m not saying Zoe is the supreme – I mean, she probably is, but – I’m just saying that commanding the dead/ undead/ mythical creatures would be a pretty suitable gift for the leader of a coven to possess. Edit: Just thought of this while making the edit below: it’s totally possible that ‘controlling living things’ is an aspect of the persuasion ability and not an ability in itself. Additionally, whether or not it is it’s own ability or not, this could explain Misty’s control of the alligators in ‘Boy Parts’, assuming she is ‘in the running’ for Supreme.

EDIT: As /u/ThousandPapes [+1] pointed out, the seventh wonder/ one of the abilities required to be Supreme, could be ‘good health.’ We know that to be Supreme one must be considered in good health, and I didn’t even consider this to be an ability. It’ possible, however, that it isn’t a seven-wonders power, but rather just a ‘perk’ of being the strongest, baddist witch of the coven – if it were an ability, then they should have assumed Madison just hadn’t developed the ability yet.

If this is true, that ‘Good health’ is an ability all on it’s own – which I think it is – then several things benefit in the story. My ‘Seduction as a power’ theory is strengthened, because Fiona mentions that she no longer controls ‘the dance.’ We also know for a fact that she no longer has good health. If we assume that she has lost her “immaculate health” ability, this strengthens the argument that the Supreme can fully lose entire abilities as she is usurped, not just lose health and strength – giving credence to both Seduction and Good Health as possible wonders.

Because of this, I’m making my full speculation here:

  1. Pyrokinesis
  2. Transmutation
  3. Persuasion
  4. Resurgence/ life breath
  5. Telekinesis
  6. Seduction
  7. Good Health

These are all my guesses. I have no idea what possessed me to write this much.